We invite you to join us!

AMP Corporate Workshop

Baltimore, Maryland | November 6th

4:00 – 4:50 pm

Room #321-323

(Exact room number to be assigned prior to the event)



MGMT Promoter Methylation Testing in Clinical Laboratories


MGMT promoter methylation is a valuable biomarker used to predict favorable outcomes in glioblastoma when treated with alkylating agents and is a standard part of molecular work-up in glioma. Implementing routine testing for MGMT promoter methylation remains challenging due to differences in platforms, methodologies, and a lack of consensus for calculating the optimal cut-off between methylated and un-methylated samples.

In this workshop, Lemuel Pitters, BSC, MLT – Genetics from Trillium Health Partners will highlight the differences between MS-MLPA and qMSP testing methods, as well as discuss:

  • the validation process
  • tips for establishing cut-off values
  • assay performance & interpretation of results
  • overall evaluation of EntroGen’s MGMT Methylation Detection Kit for real-time PCR

We are also excited to be presenting data from Oregon Health & Science University that details:

  • the differences between pyrosequencing and qMSP workflows
  • how to establish cutoff parameters and correlate results between methods
  • the determining factors that motivated Oregon’s switch to EntroGen’s MGMT Methylation Detection Kit
  • what to expect during the validation process