Los Angeles, California – October 3, 2016 — Today EntroGen (http://www.entrogen.com) announced immediate availability of its new CRC panel targeting mutation status in KRAS, NRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA and AKT1 genes. The panel is validated for several leading real time PCR instruments ubiquitous in laboratories today and produces results in just 90 minutes.

The product comes with data analysis software to automate reporting and includes quality assessment reagents designed to optimize sample input, thus avoiding run failures that are common for DNA from formalin fixed tissue regardless of the detection method.

“In selecting targets for this panel, we considered the body of scientific evidence, current clinical practice and new targets for which there is a pipeline of drugs in development,” said Dr. Gary Potikyan, Chief Science Officer of EntroGen. “The panel is highly multiplexed, requiring low amount of input DNA without compromising sensitivity.”

“We have selected EntroGen’s CRC panel because of its simple workflow, comprehensive coverage, and faster turn-around time, giving us access to actionable mutations in colorectal cancer patients,” said Dr. Sameer S. Talwalkar, MD, Medical Director of Molecular Diagnostics, CPA lab in Louisville, Kentucky. “We are in the process of validating this panel and are looking forward to launching it in the near future. I expect it to reduce the labor burden in our laboratory and provide our oncologists with the answers they are looking for in a timely and cost-effective manner, even on the most difficult patient samples.” CPA Lab is part of Norton Healthcare.

The Company is obtaining a CE IVD marking in EU. The product is available in the USA for research use.


About EntroGen (http://www.entrogen.com)

Based in Los Angeles, California, EntroGen is a biotechnology company with a focus on molecular diagnostic products in the areas of hematology and oncology. EntroGen has a growing commercial portfolio with many of its products being used to guide and monitor targeted therapies for various malignancies.  EntroGen’s footprint reaches every corner of the globe delivering reliable clinical and research products.