Los Angeles, California – March 20, 2017 — Today EntroGen, Inc. has launched BRCA Complete™: a targeted next generation sequencing (NGS) panel for BRCA1 and BRCA2 exome sequencing on Illumina® MiniSeq, MiSeq, and NextSeq platforms.

BRCA Complete™ is a full solution for BRCA1/BRCA2 sequencing that includes reagents for target enrichment, library preparation, and PCR clean-up in one package. The product comes with a user-friendly data interpretation software for reporting all clinically relevant somatic and germline mutations. This bioinformatics tool is fully customizable, providing users with complete control over the vast amount of data generated by NGS platforms. EntroGen also supplies sample and library quality control qPCR assays- DNA Fragmentation Quantification and Library Quantification for Illumina®- to ensure reliable sequencing data output and efficient use of patient samples and sequencing reagents.

BRCA Complete™ is compatible with blood, fresh frozen, and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples.   EntroGen’s proprietary enrichment technology enables detection of somatic mutations in BRCA1/BRCA2 genes with approximately 2% limit of detection.  The uniformity and average sequencing coverage are 95% and 0.2X, respectively.

BRCA Complete™ is currently available for research use only (RUO). It is expected to receive CE-IVD marking for in vitro diagnostic use in Europe by mid-2017.

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About EntroGen

Based in Los Angeles, California, EntroGen (http://www.entrogen.com) is a biotechnology company with a focus on molecular diagnostic products in the areas of hematology and oncology. EntroGen has a growing commercial portfolio with many of its products being used to guide and monitor targeted therapies for various malignancies.  EntroGen’s footprint reaches every corner of the globe delivering reliable clinical and research products.