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Dr. Rola Saleeb, MD, PhD, FRCPC,
Pathologist – Unity Health Toronto

Joeffrey Chahine
Technical Director of Molecular Diagnostics – MedStar Georgetown University Hospital


In this webinar, Dr. Rola Saleeb of Unity Health Toronto and Joeffrey Chahine of Georgetown University Hospital
will discuss the importance of MGMT methylation analysis in the classification of glioblastomas and how methylation
status can help predict response to temozolomide treatment. Also gain important insights as they walk you through
the validation process and discuss the pros and cons of various testing methods.

Learning Objectives:

• How to classify weakly methylated glioblastomas
• Clinical relevance of MGMT methylation status and the impact tumor classification has on patient care
• Methods for calculating percent methylation
• Benefits of msPCR versus pyrosequencing and other testing methods
• Useful tips on validating an assay in a clinical setting
• Tools for simplifying data analysis
• Benefits of bringing MGMT methylation testing in-house