Benchbot® 4800

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Sample Prep
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Benchbot® 4800 Liquid Handling System
Up to 48 samples


Benchbot® 4800 Liquid Handling System is a fully automated sample preparation instrument that uses non-hazardous, eco-friendly reagents for nucleic acid isolation and PCR plate set-up. Benchbot® is designed to improve productivity and minimize hands-on time by prepping up to 48 samples simultaneously with the push of a button.  The intuitive, user-friendly interface is simple to operate and comes pre-programmed with protocols for sample prep and PCR plate setup for EntroGen assays. Benchbot Instrument

Benchbot® 4800 is designed with four things in mind – efficiency, safety, accuracy and throughput.

Efficient Workflow – Manual DNA/RNA isolation requires a significant amount of hands-on time.  Benchbot® eliminates pipetting time and simplifies labor-intensive workflows by fully automating sample preparation and plate setup.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Reagents – Most nucleic acid isolation kits and cartridge-based assays use hazardous chemicals that are potentially harmful to staff and the environment.  Chemicals, such as xylene, are commonly used during DNA/RNA extraction and are known to cause chronic health conditions, therefore strict usage and disposal guidelines must be followed when handling these hazardous chemicals.  Our goal was to develop a sample prep system that not only achieves high performance standards, but also utilizes eco-friendly materials that are safer for the environment and the laboratory professionals who use our products.  By using non-toxic reagents, we have reduced the health and safety risks that are commonly associated with other commercially available isolation kits and cartridge-based assays.  The eco-friendly alternatives we use for isolation are not only safer for staff and the environment, but can also substantially reduce the costs associated with waste disposal.

Accuracy & Reproducibility – Nucleic acid isolation is a critical step that directly impacts sample quality and overall results.  Optimizing this process helps produce high quality samples that are suitable for testing.  Manual isolation increases the risk of pipetting errors, human error and contamination, all of which contribute to poor sample quality and erroneous results.  Benchbot’s fully automated workflow is designed to reduce the risk of errors and contamination, minimize waste and ensure accurate, reproducible results every time.

High Throughput – Manual processing is tedious and time-consuming, especially when handling high sample volumes.  High throughput automation is the time-saving solution to labor-intensive manual processing.  Benchbot® 4800 is specifically designed to increase throughput and minimize hands-time by isolating up to 48 samples simultaneously.  Sample-to-plate automation saves time and money by significantly improving productivity, efficiency and multi-tasking capabilities.

Compatible Sample Types – Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE), Fresh-Frozen and Buffy Coat

Instrument dimensions – 35.8 x 31.1 x 33.4 inches

On-Board Equipment:

• Pipetting Channel – Single channel pipette with disposable tips for 1µl to 1000µl volume (precision CV < 0.2%)

• Magnetic Tool – Integrated magnetic rack for nucleic acid isolation using EntroGen’s magnetic bead-based isolation kits

• Barcode scanner, internal database and plate mapping for traceability

• Thermoshaker

• Heating/Cooling Unit (4° to 70°)

• Safety & Decontamination Tools – Easy to clean deck, UV lamp, removable waste bin, filter tips and disposable components

Workflow Simple 4-Step Workflow

Benchbot Workflow

Intended Use:

USA: Available for research use only (RUO). Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Europe: Available for research use only (RUO) and diagnostic (CE-IVD) use.


  • Fully automated system for nucleic acid isolation and PCR plate setup
  • High throughput – prep up to 48 samples simultaneously
  • Push button, walk-away system significantly reduces hands-on time
  • Eco-friendly reagents are not harmful to staff or the environment and do not require hazardous waste disposal
  • Decontamination features ensure sample purity
  • Automated workflow improves accuracy and ensures reproducible results
  • User-friendly, touch-screen interface – no advanced training required
  • Compatible with all EntroGen PCR assays
  • Compatible with FFPE, Fresh-Frozen and Buffy Coat

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